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The Gala is a formal event held annually on the Friday before the parade, which is part of the Puerto Rican weekend of festivities. It is held at a venue hall with dinner, music, dancing and cultural traditional entertainment. The venue is funded by donations at the door as well as sponsored donations in exchange for advertisement such as a banner displayed or in the annual gala memorable book.

The Gala is enjoyed by all and attended by invited Dignitaries from PR, our City and State Officials, Leaders from the community and the Tri-State area; as well as our Cultural Pageant Royal and Honor Courts and many supporting families and friends.

The purpose of The Gala is to recognize community leaders. It recognizes outstanding Puerto Rican individuals who have made a difference in the community. The individuals are identified by the people in the community who we ask to join us in searching and selecting an honoree such as an unsung hero. Personal Plaques are awarded that evening as well as Governor and City of Bridgeport Mayor Citations presented to them by the Elected Official or their representative.

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